The Yuchi clan was a prosporous clan that was destroyed by the Youngflame Clan.

Overview Edit

The clan Ning's mother Yuchi Snowis from. Ji Ning is considered half Yuchi because his mother is from the clan.

History Edit

The clan has a divine ability called windwing evasion. It was given to a Yuchi clan ancestor by a Celestial Immortal. It was instructed that the divine ability must not be taught to the outsiders and that the Yuchi clan members must use wing treasure when they use the divine ability so as to keep the divine ability a secret and also the fact that the wing treasure would complement the divine ability.Despite being careful, Youngflame clan found out about the divine ability windwing evasion and then Youngflame clan massacred the Yuchi clan with the only survivors being Yuchi Snow and Yuchi Mount.