Yu Wei was Ji Ning's Dao Companion and the mother of Ji Brightmoon.

Appearance Edit

She dons an exquisite black robe that accentuates her lithe figure and adds a level of mystery to her. She has cool, indifferent aura that makes her seem like a true Immortal of the heavens. She is considered supremely beautiful even in the Imperial City of the Grand Xia Dynasty.

Background Edit

Yu Wei is a reincarnated Immortal. In her past life, she used to live a peaceful life in a small tribe within a vast grassland until disaster befell them. After that event, she went down a path of slaughter, becoming a terrifying Asura. She died before becoming a Celestial Immortal.

History Edit

Book Seven Edit

Yu Wei was a disciple of the Black-White College. At the time, she was a peak Wanxiang Adept known as the Rainbowflame Fairy. She was within her estate when Ninelotus came to visit her and told her about a new disciple, Ji Ning, that was able to beat senior disciples in the Dao Debate Palace. She had already heard the talks of Ji Ning being apprenticed to Immortal Diancai and apparently being a reincarnated Immortal. Yu Wei was quite surprised to find that his soul was at the 'divine sense' level. She became interested in Ji Ning and decided to go to the Dao Debate Palace the next day to watch his matches. After watching multiple disciples get defeated by Ji Ning, she challenged Ji Ning to a battle and won within a few short breaths. When she went to collect her bet from Ji Ning, she teased him a little.

Book Ten Edit

She travelled to Witchriver Immortal's Immortal Estate along with Ji Ning, Ninelotus, Mu Northson, Adept Vastpeak and Youngflame Nong. Later, after Ji Ning killed Youngflame Nong and his Fiendgod bodyguard, Xiangliu Fang, she advised Ji Ning to travel to the Imperial City to avoid being assassinated by the Youngflame Clan.

Book Eleven Edit

She arrived along with Sloppy Daoist to participate in the Conclave of Immortal Destiny with Mu Northson and Adept Vastpeak coming as spectators. She had mastered the Dao-Paths of Lesser Daos: Dao of Freeze and Dao of Inferno.

Book Twelve Edit

She met Ji Ning inside the Brightmoon Diagram of Mountains and Rivers and the two teamed-up to fight against the other competitors. Seven months into the competition, the two encountered Xiamang Zishan and Cangwu Jiu. The four fought fiercely but Yu Wei was obviously the weak link as she was just a Ki-Refiner and was unable to take on Cangwu Jiu. Just when she had decided to withdraw so that Ji Ning would be able to escape without having to worry about her, she awakened memories of her past life and suddenly mastered two more Dao-Paths and Dao-Domain of Grand Dao of Taiji. After she suddenly overpowered Cangwu Jiu, Ji Ning pushed off Xiamang Zishan and the two fled.

A few weeks later, they were attacked by Xiamang Qi, Adept Ninedeaths, Adept Blackstone, Kindwater Qi and two other participants. During the fight, Adept Ninedeaths used her immensely tough body to hold Ji Ning while the other four attacked Yu Wei. During this time, Xiamang Qi managed to severely injure Yu Wei by using his divine ability, the Myriad Hybernating Venom. Enraged, Ji Ning gained sudden enlightenment in the seventh-stance of the Three-Foot Sword which allowed him to fight off Adept Ninedeaths and Adept Blackstone. He then proceeded to kill Xiamang Qi and another cultivator while the remaining two escaped.

Then, Ji Ning confessed his love for Yu Wei to her and the two became Dao-Companions. However, due to the injuries Yu Wei sustained, she was forced to withdraw from the competition.

After the Conclave of Immortal Destiny ended, she was taken on as a disciple by Lu Dongbin.

Book Eighteen Edit

Yu Wei was revealed to be a spy for the Godking. At a critical moment during the Realm War, she destroyed a bottle of medicine, entrusted to Ji Ning by Daofather Crimsonbright, that would've helped the Crimsonbright Realm win, thus dealing a crippling blow to them. She committed suicide immediately afterwards, leaving Ji Ning hurt and in a daze. As soon as she committed suicide, her truesoul got taken by the Godking and reincarnated. She was then sent to the Godking's Infinity Hells.

Book Twenty Edit

Yu Wei was given a chance to talk with Ji Ning again after he made a deal with the Godking. She told him to forget about rescuing her and look after Brightmoon instead. Ji Ning refused.

Book Twenty-One Edit

During the Realm war in the Yellow Emperor Realm. After Ji Ning helped the Nuwa Alliance win the war, the Godking took out her truesoul and shattered it. Yu Wei told Ji Ning to take care of Brightmoon before dying.

Book Forty-Five Edit

Yu Wei got revived by Ji Ning in the Dao Debate Palace of the Black-White College. She was confused as to how she was alive. She sat down with Ji Ning on a dias as he narrated the course of events that happened after she died. Later on, during the victory banquet, she sat next to Ji Ning with the Autarchs on each side of them.

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