Overview Edit

Wanfang is an early Xiantian human being. He is a member of the Ji clan and one of the nine major disciple of Ji Ishwin.

Plot Edit

He arrives at the Metalstone Tribe and kills Braveshell's men when they try to kill Ji Ning and Mowu. He then shows his respect to Ji Ning prompting a surprise from Braveshell and the Metalstone Tribe members. Afterwards he discusses with Ning important event regarding Serpentwing. He tells Ning about how Serpentwing became a peak Xiantian diremonster from late Xiantian diremonster. And also how Serpentwing escaped pursuit from Ji Ishwin. After his discussion with Ning, Wanfang makes a trip to Blackmount Tribe to discuss with them to stop harassing the nearby tribes.

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