A Whitewater Hound Godbeast

Overview Edit

A Whitewater Hound, he is Ji Ishwin's spirit beast when introduced and after his death, he becomes his son Ji Nings spirit beast and follows him to the Black-White College.

He is an early Void stage Ki Refiner and is considered very knowledgeable on the Dao of Formations.

Appearanace Edit

In his original monster form he is described as a large snowy white dog, with fur was as long as cotton, and appearing very docile. 

After establishing his Zifu he gains the ability to transform into a humanoid form, in this form he is said to have almost the exact same appearance as Ji Ishwin apart from having white hair and a warm and gentle atmosphere around him. 

Personality Edit

Kind warm and gentle, he has a brotherly bond with his master Ji Ishwin, he cares deeply about his son Ning who reciprocates his affection and refers to him as Uncle White, considering him a member of his own family.

He has a very calm disposition which is often in contrast to Ning's other spirit beast Qingqing.

History Edit

At some point in time he formed a spirit beast bond with Ji Ishwin and follows him as he adventured out into the world, during this time Ishwin journeys to the Darknorth sea where he meets and later marries Yuchi Snow.

She conceives his child (Ning) and they then make a journey to the Ji clan in Stillwater commandery along with her brother Yuchi Mount, along the way they are attacked by Dong Seven and his followers, due to Dong Seven's desire to rape Snow and in the ensuing battle Yuchi Mount is killed, Ishwin's Zifu is warped and Snow and her son's bodies are injured. White actually saved Yuchi and Ning by carrying them and running away with them.

Plot Edit

He is introduced to Ji Ning by Ji Ishwin when Ning was just born. Ishwin tells Ning to call him Uncle White.

Techniques and Arts Edit

Ki Refining Techniques Edit

The [Water element art] - Mortal rank Ki Refining technique (water element)

The [Flowing Watersouce] - Immortal rank Ki Refining technique (water element)

Formations Edit

The [Nine scrolls on formations]

Various formations acquired from the black white college Dao repository

The Crab-Tortoise Immortal Duo's formation diagram

Various formations acquired from the divinity palace of Mount Innerheart

Daos Edit

Lesser Daos Edit

An unnamed lesser dao path - mastered

Grand Daos Edit

Grand Dao of Formations - True Meaning of the Dao

Equipment Edit

Earth rank Fuxi staff formation - Acquired from Youngflame Nong

Immortal rank Fuxi staff formation - Purchased from the Xia Emperor

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