Location Edit

  • Ancient Library.:
    • tens of millions of Daolord level sword-arts placed here, 99% of them are fragmentary and incomplete
  • Armaments Gorge
    • Shop for sword,magic treasures, and unique artifacts
  • Daolord Cloudworld
    • Powerful golem opponents, and more than 90% of them wield swords. They will use different types of sword-arts, with the strongest ones being comparable to the sword-arts used by Daolords of the Third Step.
    • First layer:Threshole(Minimum) of daolord first step.Black armor(top grade dao Armour)
    • Second layer:Threshold of a Daolord of the Second Step.Azure armor 
    • Third layer:Threshold of a Daolord of the Third Step.Silver armor
    • Forth layer:Threshold of a Daolord of the forth step.Golden armor
  • Pavilion of Mysteries
    • Filled with many divine abilities, secret arts, and a few legacies left behind by ancient powers of the Dao of the Sword
  • Forest of Sword Pagodas
    • 83612 Sword Pagodas 
    • To be acknowledged by the Sword Pagodas, you have to at least reach the level of the six Swordlords.
      • Killing some weaker Daolords of the First Step generally make you into a swordlords
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