He was the lover of the Paragon of pills he died while fighting over an otherverse he left trials for cultivators who were worthy could become his disciples he left 1 disciple slot and 2 honorary disciple slots.

The Paragon of pills asked an autarch to revive the sword hegemon and her 2 other brothers and the autarch said that if she would pay him treasures worth as much as a thousand realmships he would revive them after that she went often to the sithelands to acquire the treasures, as this was really suicidal so people called her a Mad woman.

Ji Ning became his honorary disciple after going through his trials and the paragon of pills was thrilled that the sword hegemon her lover whom she called big brother had finally acquired a disciple so she treated Ning like family and taught him alchemy.

Later Ning went to the sithelands to save the Paragon of pills and while they were stuck Ning asked an autarch to revive the sword hegemon and his brothers the autarchs owed Ning for giving them all the records of his eternal omega sword dao so the autarch revived the sword hegemon and his brothers.

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