Terms Edit

  • Godbeasts: Fiendgods which had the form of animals. They were created during the Primordial Era when powerful Fiendgods couple with certain Diremonsters. Their monstrous bodies contained Fiendgod blood in them, and so they were referred to as ‘Godbeasts’; the purer their bloodline was, the more powerful they would be.
  • Diremonsters: Monsters that are the strongest race alongside the Humans. Although there is a lot of friction between low-level Diremonsters and Humans, the leaders of Diremonsters and Humans have good relations.
  • Terrorbeasts: Beasts that had exceptionally violent dispositions who delighted in slaughter and murder. They were referred to as ‘beasts’ was because they had many bestial characteristics. Their claws and appendages, for example, were often comparable to incredibly powerful magic treasures.

Types of Magical Beast Edit

  • White-Faced Flood Dragon: A primordial Terrorbeast. A Creature with a white, humanoid face, covered with black scales, two arms, and two legs. It was thirty thousand meters tall, but its draconic, serpentine body was ninety thousand meters long. They were born with the power of Empyrean Gods. They were awe-inspiringly famous and were perfectly suited for battle.
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