Overview Edit

Serpentwing was a giant black coiled serpent, hundreds of meters long. It had two massive scaled wings. He had 92 children while 16 of them survived. He was a late Xiantian diremonster and later on became a peak Xiantian Diremonster.

Plot Edit

He hears about his son Redtip being missing and decides to investigate it. Redtip was his favorite children as Redtip had Fiendgod blood in his lineage. During his investigation he finds out that Redtip was captured close to the area of Goldblade Clan tribe. Serpentwing then visits the tribe and hears about the status of his son and finds out he was captured by the Ji clan and sent to the West prefecture city. He then annihilates the Goldblade Clan in his fury.

Afterwards Serpentwing sneaks into the West Prefecture City to find his son. Serpentwing finds his son to be killed by Ji Ning. He becomes furious and attacks Ning in order to kill him. However Ning learns one with the world in footwork and is able to evade Serpentwing's attacks. Serpentwin then gets attacked by Ji Ishwin. He sees Ishwin is far stronger then him and flees from the West Prefecture CIty to all the way back to the Serpentwing lake and hides under the lake.

Serpentwing is next mentioned in the conversation between Wanfang and Ji Ning where we find out that he reached the peak Xiantian level after constant battles against the Ji clan members. Afterwards Serpentwing escaped the Serpentwing lake and created havoc in the surrounding places where he would use to go to the nearby tribes and kill the people. One of the tribe that he attacked was the Blacktooth tribe which resulted in death of more then half of the member of the tribe. He also fought against Ji Ishwin one month after reaching the peak Xiantian level. In that battle he lost miserably but was able to successfully flee and deciding that he would never fight against Ji Ishwin.

Ji Ning comes and challenges Serpentwing in Serpentwing Lake. Serpentwing is distrustful of Ning and believes that there are other Xiantian experts hiding and ready to pounce Serpentwing as soon as he comes out of the water. He tells Ning to come under water to fight him but Ning refuses the offer and goes to the Serpentwing Island where he kills several houtian monsters and kills two more of Serpentwing's children with one of them being Silvertip.