Group of expert that belong to Grand Xia Dynasty which main objective are to take care of criminals.

Everyone can join (minimum requirment is to be Wanxiang Adept) that can pass the test. They have a group known as the Keepers which are their personal very loyal army. Raindragon Guards can also trade karmic points for special things such as: Immortal-ranked ki refining techniques, Pure-yang ki refining techniques, divine abilities, magic treasures, divine will techniques, forbidden techniques, and even more.

They have: 360 Immortal-ranked Ki Refining techniques, 3 pure-yang ki refining technique, 89 different divine abilities, 61 divine will techniques, and 102 forbidden techniques.

A few of the divine abilities that they have:

[Heavenly Transformation]: the most common divine ability which lets you grow in size and strength.

[Rainbowflame Evasion]

[Moving Mountains, Overturning Seas]

[Torch Dragon’s Eye]: Known as a legendary divine ability, It's strength is said to be on par with [Houyi Shooting the Suns], Ji Ning comments that it is only a little bit weaker then his [Starseizing Hand].

Different Levels of the Raindragon Guard and their requirements:

One-clawed Raindragon Guards – Every ten years, they had to complete a mission worth a single karmic point (these were the most ordinary of missions).

Two-clawed Raindragon Guards – Every hundred years, they had to complete missions worth a total of a hundred karmic points (the value of a normal two-clawed mission).

Three-clawed Raindragon Guards – Every thousand years, they had to complete missions worth a total of ten thousand karmic points (the value of a normal three-clawed mission).

Four-clawed Raindragon Guards – Every ten thousand years, they had to complete missions worth a total of a million karmic points (the value of a normal four-clawed mission).

Five-clawed Raindragon Guards – These were the highest ranking members of the Raindragon Guard. They were able to mobilize the armies of the Raindragon Guard, and were comparable to a Marquis in power.

Know members:

  • Immortal Eastrock
  • Ji Ning
  • Mu Northson
  • Daoist Yulan