Intelligent Races Edit

" Long ago, there were no such things as ‘cultivators’, and the various Aberrant lifeforms had yet to learn how to cultivate either! Back then, the endless primordial chaos gave birth to two types of perfect lifeforms. The first type was humanoid in shape and was truly flawless. They were born with transcendant talent and tremendous comprehension abilities… and they became known as the Ancients. As for the second type, they were shaped like beasts and so became known as Chaos Godbeasts "

Ancient Cultivators Edit

The Ancient cultivators are powerful beings whose innate gifts are equal to those of the Aeonians. At the World level, their bodies are equal in power to ordinary First-Step Daolords. Upon becoming a First-Step Daolord, their bodies are equal in power to the body of a Third-Step Daolord. Not much has been revealed about them so far, except that they are extremely few in number and make up one of the six major forces of the Endless Territories. They are also mortal enemies of the Brightshore Kingdom. Each are born at World-level.

Chaos GodbeastsEdit

The Brightshore Imperials are a group of extremely talented special lifeforms called Chaos Godbeasts. After one of them became a Hegemon, he founded the Brightshore Kingdom and used his mastery over spacetime to gather the rest of his race from around the Endless Territories, naming them the Brightshore Imperials. So far, four members of this race have been revealed: the Hegemon, Skyfire Brightshore, Ninestone and King Wu. They are also comparable to the most Elite Aberrants being born at World-level.


"However… two types of living beings are born within the prime essences of the Chaosverse, and they are even more elite. One type is fairly unintelligent, and they are known as the ‘Chaos Primordials’. The other is fairly intelligent and also has human form, and they are known as ‘Chaos Essence Walkers’, or ‘Sourcewalkers’ for short.”

Chaos Primordials Edit

Chaos Primordials are as unintelligent as mortal children, but are born with virtually indestructible bodies and infinity energy.Otherverse Lords can just barely survive and only Autarchs can kill them.They wander the Chaosverse and love to devour realmverses.

Sourcewalkers Edit

Sourcewalkers are very intelligent and have incredible comprehension skills. They are incredibly solitary and proud figures who do not dwell in ordinary places. They delight in dwelling in treasured places where countless streams of essence from the Chaosverse gather together, and they treat those places as their own territories.Sourcewalkers are all extremely intelligent, which means they do have a weakness; their bodies aren’t nearly as indestructible as that of the Chaos Primordials, and they are born with much lower levels of strength. However, they can slowly cultivate and grow with time! Thus, there are varying levels of power amongst Sourcewalkers. The weaker ones are perhaps merely at the Hegemonic level, while the most powerful were supposedly on par with the Sithe Exalts.


"Any member of the Aeonian race who has been Awakened shall possess the bloodlines of the almighty ancestor, Autarch Bolin.The Aeonian bloodline is special… because it is the bloodline of an Autarch!"

Aeonians Edit

The Aeonians are a race created by the mighty Autarch Bolin.Much like cultivators, they need to engage in cultivation, but there is a major difference! If they can kill and devour other Samsara Daolords, they can grow much more powerful. This is in reference to their Divine Body. They make up the Aeonian Kingdom, one of the six major forces of the Endless Territories.They have multiple branches spread throughout the Chaosverse.


Aberrants Edit

The Aberrants are the hundreds and thousands of strange, unique creatures who had been birthed by the primordial chaos.There’s far too many breeds of them, which is why they are just collectively known as the Aberrants.Most Aberrants use shapeshifting techniques to take a humanoid form.However, Aberrants who were in human form were often only able to unleash perhaps ten to twenty percent of their true power. Once they revealed their true forms, they would become far more powerful. Aberrants are also called Special Lifeforms. Each are born with inconceivable talents and Divine Abilities. The most Supreme Aberrants are born at World God. Some can unleash the power of a 1-Step Dao Lord merely relying on their True Body and Innate Talent. There are generally few of each Species with some only being a single member of the Species in the Realmverse. Thus Aberrants are considered a motley crew of different tribal groups.

Diremonsters(Three Realms) Edit

They are Wild beasts who have absorbed the energy of Heaven and Earth gaining Spiritual Wisdom. Generally Xiantian Diremonsters are able to take on Human Form. Godbeasts are Special Diremonsters that contain the bloodlines of Primordial Fiendgods. This gives them immense talent compared to other Diremonsters but also means they are unable to take on Human Form at the Xiantian stage. Some high-level Godbeasts are only able to take on Human Form at the Celestial Immortal stage after crossing the Celestial Tribulation. The body parts of these Godbeasts are considered Treasures and thus these beasts face a cruel fate of either submitting and becoming mounts to Major Powers or being hunted for their body parts. The Diremonsters also form their own Faction in the Grand Xia World but are suppressed by Human Factions, a notable exmplae of a Diremonster Faction is the White Dragon Mountain of Stillwater Prefecture led by the White Dragon Monster Immortal.

Peacock-type Godbeasts were among the more famous Godbeasts, born of the Five Elements. Their Plumes served as Intrinsic Magic Treasures and contained a lot of Five Elements Essence. Supposedly, those of a pure lineage would have the power of a Celestial Immortal(3-tier Jindan) while at the Void level. Those that crossed the Celestial Tribulation would be trouble to most True Immortals. Most ended up as Mounts to major powers of the three realms.

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