Patriarch Arcanum is a Celestial Immortal Patriarch of the Youngflame Clan. He is also the maternal grandfather of Youngflame Nong.

Personality Edit

He has a very petty personality such that he went to many lengths to kill Ji Ning, a mere Wanxiang Adept, while he himself was an exhalted Celestial Immortal.

Background Edit

He had a daughter who passed away due to failing her Celestial Tribulation. After her death, he felt regretful about not having spent enough time with her. Thus, he vowed to protect her son, Youngflame Nong, no matter what it took.

History Edit

Book Eleven Edit

He was notified by the Youngflame Clan's Patriarch, the Goldenplume Duke, about Youngflame Nong's demise. He immediately rushed to the Witchriver Immortal Estate where Youngflame Nong had been taking his trial. There, he augury arts to witness the things that took place inside the estate over the last couple of days. He was able to see Youngflame Nong slowly binding parts of the estate when he saw the final vision where Youngflame Nong attacks Ji Ning after learning of the latter's relation to the Yuchi Clan. He was also able to see Ji Ning killing Youngflame Nong and his fiendgod bodyguard, Fangliu Xang.

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