Overview Edit

Ninefang warriors are warriors whose internal energy have reached the limits of the Houtian level, and they also have to be warriors with significant battle experience.

History Edit

Blacktooth, Spring Grass's father is a Ninefang warrior.

Plot Edit

There were nine Ninefang warriors of the Ji clan that were sparring with a 10 year old Ji Ning and during the spar they forced him to improve his sword techniques up to the second level the advanced stage, the one with the sword culminating in their defeat. Ning then rewards each of the members with a beast head of gold for their help in him reaching the advanced stage in the sword.

There were also 100 Ninefang warriors of the Blue Guards who were serving the Aquatic Rhino. They captured people for the Aquatic Rhino to eat so they can get back the young master of the Ironwood clan that the Aquatic Rhino took as a hostage. They find Ji Ning and forces him to follow to the Aquatic Rhino. Afterwards when the Aquatic Rhino expresses interest in eating Ji Ning a Ninefang warrior of the Blue Guards try to bring Ning but gets killed by Ning in one palm blow. Afterwards rest of the 100 Ninefang warriors of the Blue Guards gets killed by Ning and his sword attacks.