Mu Northson is a disciple of the Black-White College. He is a genius of the Dao of Constructs as he was able to enter the prestigious Black-White College at the tender age of 14. He and Ji Ning entered the college at the same time and they soon became as close as siblings.

Description Edit

He is a thin, handsome, fair-skinned young boy who garbs all white.

Personality Edit

He is described as being very young and naive, not being able to prevent what he is thinking from showing upon his face and being very quick to anger.

Background Edit

In the past, his family was killed and he was the sole survivor. However, he avenged them. He then joined the Black-White College with the intent to study the Dao of Constructs.

History Edit

Book Seven Edit

Mu Northson also took the test to enter the Black-White College and became the only one other than Ji Ning to pass the test and become a member of the Black-White College.

Soon after entering the Black-White College, he debated in the Dao-Debate Palace and lost. Enraged, he left. Later, he even warned Ji Ning of the senior disciples' scheme. However, after Ji Ning defeated the senior disciples in the debates he became extremely pleased and cheered loudly for him. Mu Northson and Ji Ning grow to become close friends while studying in Black-White College.

Book Eight Edit

A few years later, Ji Ning left to go adventure and Mu Northson tagged along with him. Together, the two took part in the Raindragon Guard trial and became Raindragon Guards. He then returned back to the college while Ji Ning left for Swallow Mountain.

Book Nine Edit

Nine years later, he visited Ji Ning at Serpentwing Lake. He was angered and upset when he learned that Ji Ning had become Dao-Companions with Ninelotus without telling him.

Book Ten Edit

Ji Ning, Yu Wei, Ninelotus, Adept Vastpeak and he accompanied Youngflame Nong to Witchriver Immortal's Estate. There, they obtained many treasures. When Ji Ning killed Youngflame Nong, he offered to tag along with Ji Ning in his solitary journey but was refused by the latter as it was too dangerous.

Book Eleven Edit

A few years later, he, along with Yu Wei, Sloppy Daoist and Adept Vastpeak, visited Ji Ning at King Yan's estate in the Imperial City.

Book Twelve Edit

He cheered for Ji Ning while the latter fought in the top 96 competition of the Conclave of Immortal Destiny. After Ji Ning won, the two parted ways. Mu Northson told Ji Ning that he thought of him as his elder brother.

Book Fourteen Edit

When Ji Ning returns from Tristar Crescent Abode thirty six years later, he found out that Mu Northson and his Dao Companion, Yu Xia, vanished from the Grand Xia Dynasty 20 years earlier without any trace. Later, while investigating the outer base of Seamless Gate located in the Eastwoods Sect, he came across Mu Northson who looked extremely debilitated and lifeless.

Book Fifteen Edit

He learnt from Mu Northson that while he and his Dao Companion were living together in a secluded valley, he had been captured while she was killed and her soul was kept hostage. Mu Northson was then brought to the Eastwoods Sect where he, along with many others that cultivated the Dao of Constructs, were forced to work grueling hours and make different kinds of golems. Although the work was tough and challenging, the cultivators progressed very quickly in their Dao due to being able to use high-level arts that continuously enlightened them. After a decade, Mu Northson became skilled enough to be considered a Grandmaster of the Dao of Constructs and then he, along with other Grandmasters of the Dao of Constructs, were brought to work on a much more powerful golem which could be considered invincible amongst those below True Immortals or Empyrean Gods.

by and working for the Myriad Demons Cave building golems, and his Dao companion's soul held prisoner. He saves the two, but later the Dao companion's soul is shattered in a battle, causing Mu Northson to go berserk in his revenge.

Techniques & Arts Edit

Serpents swallow the skies Edit

Creates two water based serpents to attack enemies

Azure Dragon Construct Edit

A construct created by Mu Northson himself, it possesses powerful attack power and can also transform into a ship

Dao Edit

Lesser Dao Edit

Unnamed water Dao

Grand Dao Edit

Dao of Constructs

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