Overview Edit

A servant in the Ji clan who used to follow Ji Ishwin and traveled with Ji Ning when he was adventuring first time outside of the West Prefecture city to kill Diremonsters. He is extremely loyal and has abundant experience in adventuring in the wilds.

History Edit

Mowu used to be a Ninefang warrior of the black armored riders, and he followed Ishwin for a long time on his adventure.

Plot Edit

He follows Ning on his adventure to Eastmount Marsh. He is seen with Ning and Autumn Leaf when Ning saves Dala from a Bian Tiger. After Dala agrees to guide Ning in Eastmount Marsh, they travel towards the Eastmount Marsh. After a while Ji Ning orders him and Autumn Leaf to go back to the Metalstone Tribe and wait for Ning there because Autumn Leaf and him would not be useful to Ning in the Eastmount Marsh and would only get in the way.

He is next seen waiting for Ning in the Metalstone Tribe along with Autumn Leaf. He is also present when Braveshell comes to the Metalstone Tribe and starts up a conversation with Autumn Leaf. Tyson then tells Braveshell that Ning, Autumn Leaf and Mowu are from a larger tribe. After Braveshell inquires about which tribe Ning, Autumn Leaf and Mowu are from, Mowu shows the Ji clan's emblem revealing that they are from the Ji clan. After Ning gets new information regarding Serpentwing, he decides to leave the Metalstone Tribe, and Mowu and Autumn Leaf follows Ning out of the Metalstone Tribe.

He also goes to the Blacktooth tribe with Ning and Autumn Leaf where they find out about Spring Grass's death. He then goes with Ji Ning and Autumn Leaf to the Riverside Tribe. Mowu also did the suspension punishment on River He under Ning's order. Mowu also tells Ning to kill River He's children because they could pose threat to Ning in the future but Ning refuses it.

Afterwards Mowu travels with Ji Ning and Autumn Leaf to Serpentwing Lake. He and Autumn Leaf stays with the black armored guards while Ji Ning goes to fight with Serpentwing. Mowu also tells Ji Ishwin that Ning came to Serpentwing Lake in anger to take revenge on Serpentwing. Mowu is next seen travelling with Ning and Autumn Leaf to Blacktooth tribe where Ning plans to pick up Bluestone. After Ning savetd the the Blacktooth tribe from the attack of Firewing tribe, Mowu and Autumn Leaf goes back to Serpentwing Lake along with Bluestone, where there is a residence being built for Ji Ning.

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