The Mortal Realm is one of the Three Realms. It is the largest realm with 300 Major Worlds and over a Trillion Minor Worlds.

Background Edit

The Mortal Realm was originally created to give life to the Three Realms. Although it has continued to do so, it has even begun to rival the Deva Realm in terms of overall power due to the Daofathers of the Mortal Realm continuously increasing the strengths of their own legions.

Currently, the Deva Realm is the highest realm in name only as even the Grand Xia Emperor, Xiamang Xun, is able to sit down as equals with the Celestial Emperor. Even Empyrean God Seatopple, a mere Empyrean God, is able to cause a ruckus in the Deva Realm and even wreck the Celestial Court.

History Edit

Book One Edit

Ji Ning, the protagonist, was meant to be reborn in the Deva Realm but due to an attack on the Six Paths of Reincarnation he was forced to be reborn in the Grand Xia World of the 3000 Major Worlds. During his past life, he lived on Earth of the Trillion Minor Worlds.

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