Book 1 Edit

After passing on and arriving in the Netherworld he was brought to Cui Palace to meet with its lord, Cui Jue. During his conversation with lord Cui Jue he was enlightened on the structure of the Three Realms and was also informed that he was to be reborn into the Deva realm as an immaculate being, this being due to his actions to help others from his previous life and earning great karmic merit. Before sending Ning off to be reborn, the palace lord imparted him with the [Nuwa Visualization Technique].

After passing the bridge of despair and arriving before Grandma Meng an attack suddenly occurred by countless black dragons who were vomiting black lightning which caused souls to dissipate. In order to avoid his soul getting destroyed Ji Ning jumped to the tunnel which leads to the Mortal Realm as this was the closest tunnel to him. During the process he avoided drinking Granny Meng's elixir and as a result retained his memories of his previous life.

He is reborn as the son of Ji Ishwin and Yuchi Snow and the great grandson of Ji Young (the prefecture lord of the West Prefecture of the Ji clan). Immediately after he was born, he was made a candidate to be the next prefecture Lord of the Ji Clan in the West Prefecture with opposition from Ji Lee.

After Ning being reborn, he decided that he will not waste his life in this new world, and thus began to quietly train in the [Nuwa Visualization Technique] which Lord Cui gave to him, his soul quickly reaching the level where he was able to divide his mind in two (the level of an ordinary Zifu disciple).

At the age of four Ning tells his parents that he will begin training in the Way of The Immortal and chooses to train as a Fiendgod body refiner, surprising Ji Yichuan and Yuchi Snow with his knowledge. Ning chose to first begin training in a FiendGod Body Refining Technique, and then in a Ki refining technique because his meridians were weak so he wanted to first strengthen his body through Fiendgod Body Refining technique so later on he can easily choose either Ki refining or Fiendgod Body Refining technique depending on the one he is good at. Ning looked at 19 different types of Fiendgod Body Refining technique and he chose the [Crimsonbright Diagram Of The Nine Heavens] Technique which is considered the most powerful one and most widely spread and most easily obtainable type of Fiendgod Body Refining technique. However it is also the hardest one to train in but Ji Ning chooses it and successfully initiates the best type of initiation where he has the lunar star on the left hand and the solar star on the right hand and countless flecks of starlight swirling around the body like a vortex. Ning later on also begins KI training in a water element technique.

Ning then started training in archery with Blindfish, footwork with his mother Yuchi Snow and sword training with his father Ji Ishwin. He trains in archery with Blindfish for 1 year where he learns everything Blindfish has to teach. He even learns Blindfish's pride and joy the 'Quadshot' skill. Afterwards Blindfish recommends him to train by himself in a bigger courtyard in archery which he did for the next 5 years.

As for sword training, he also trained for the six years. For the first two years Ning practiced the basics of sword and he prepared both his body and mind. Then afterwards he started training in the sword technique [108 Swords of the Gods and Demons.] After one year he mastered the first level of the technique. Then for the next three year he continued training in the sword technique and eventually reached the second level, the ‘advanced’ level, becoming ‘one with the sword’. He reached this level at the age of 10 while sparring with nine Ninefang warriors of the Ji clan. Also by the age of 10 Ning also reached the advanced level in footwork just like the sword. After Ning successfully reached the advanced stage in the sword, his father decided Ning is ready to learn the most valuable sword techniques the Ji clan has to offer. Ning chooses two out of the 5 sword arts which the Ji clan has. He chooses the Raindrop Sutra which made his father famous and the most defensive of the five sword techniques and Thunderflame Sword which is the most offensive of the five techniques. He chooses two of them because he is a dual sword wielder and can simultaneously use both techniques. Ning can use one sword to defend while the other to attack or use both swords to defend or both swords to attack. Ning's father decides that Ning needs to fight in life and death battle. Ji Ishwin brings Ning to an arena where he battles with a Howling Moonwolf, a Godbeast at the peak Houtian level. After a close battle Ning emerges victorious and his father informs him that he will arrange for him to battle a monster in the arena every three days.

Several days later after one of Ning's cage battle with a monster, Ji Yichuan comes and tells Ning to go for a stroll with his two maids, Spring Grass and Autumn Leaf. During his stroll he went to the West Prefecture City where he brought a sheath with three sharp swords with a piece of thundergold. He goes back home and shows the swords to his parents who agrees that the swords are very sharp and that it is a damaged ranked magic treasure. Ning names the swords Darknorth swords to commemorate his parents as his parents met on the Darknorth sea.

Book 2 Edit

Ning battles with a serpent monster named Redtip in the Cage and he kills it. Serpentwing the xiantian level father of the serpent attacks Ning in a rage when he sees the dead body of his favorite son, Redtip. Ning only manages to survive thanks to breaking through to the one with the world level with his footwork and as a result able to dodge Serpentwing's attacks.

His father Ji Ishwin upon realizing Ning was in danger launches an attack at Serpentwing from a great distance causing Serpentwing to flee, he gives chase but Serpentwing manages to escape from him. Ishwin then goes after Serpentwing as he tries to kill it.

After Ning's father left to go after Serpentwing, Ning practiced sword training by himself as well as his one with the World footwork. Then one day Blacktooth came to him asking for his daughter Spring Grass back. Ning listened to Blacktooth's history and then decided to free Spring Grass. Spring Grass then leaves the Ji clan and goes to the newly created Blacktooth tribe with her father.

Ning continually waits for his father while training and after his father comes back, he asks to go on an adventure. Ning wants to go on an adventure like his father and kill diremonsters. Ning convinces his father to let him go on an adventure by showing his father his One with the World level footwork. Ishwin agrees under the condition that Ning must win the golden sword ceremony and if he fails he has to stay at the West Prefecture City. Ning agrees on his father's condition and also listens to his mother's condition that he must bring Autumn Leaf and the servant Mowu on his adventure. Ning then starts preparing for the adventure by looking at maps and reading about the local diremonsters.

Later on Ning participates in the golden sword ceremony competition. Ning is automatically put as a final eight contestant without any battle. Then before the competition his father Ishwin arranges Ning to fight against the other seven in one on seven battle. Ning battles the other seven members and easily wins. After the battle he attends on a feast honoring the selection of the prefecture lord of the western prefecture and sees that his father asks for the traceless talisman for him. On the way back home from the feast he learns from his mother Yuchi Snow that Ishwin wanted him to win the competition in order for them to acquire the traceless talisman. She explains to Ning the traceless talisman's ability and also receives from his father a jade sword which is coated in his father's blood which his father can sense. He takes the sword and is warned by his father not to go beyond 10,000 kilometers of the Western Prefecture city, and if he does his father would immediately bring him back and imprison him for three years in the underground prison. Ning agrees to his father's condition. Snow then asks when Ning will be leaving for the adventure and Ning decides to leave three days later. Three days later he starts his adventure and he brings Autumn Leaf and Mowu with him. Before the adventure, his mother Yuchi Snow gives him clothing and other miscellaneous itesm. She also gives him a golden book with the title Windwing Evasion. She tells Ning to read the book after becoming an Xiantian and also tells him not to teach the techniques to others including members of the Ji clan.

In the adventure Ning saves the life of Dala and other Metalstone Tribe members from a peak houtian Bian Tiger. He kills the monster with an arrow in the head. Ning then gives Dala a beasthead of gold because Dala agreed to guide him into the Eastmount Marsh. He then continues his adventure with Dala, Autumn Leaf, and Mowu. After travelling for a while Ning orders Mowu and Autumn Leaf to go back to the Metalstone Tribe because Eastmount Marsh is too dangers. Afterwards Ning travels in the Eastmount Marsh for a month with Dala. They then find a group of Blue Guards. The Blue Guards brings Ning and Dala to the Aquatic Rhino where it is seen that the Aquatic Rhino is eating people and that group of people from different tribes including people from Metalstone Tribe are tied up. The Aquatic Rhino after seeing Ning decides to eat him and tells one of the member from Blue Guards to bring Ning over. Ning kills the member with a palm strike and afterwards he kills all of the members of the Blue Guards for serving a Diremonster against humans. Ning then frees all the people that are bound and tells them to run away. Afterwards he engages the Aquatic Rhino in a battle. Ning forces the Aquatic Rhino to run away from him in fear but Ning manages to catch up to the Aquatic Rhino and kills him. This was the first Diremonster that Ning kills.

However right before the Aquatic Rhino dies, he calls for help from the Azure Skysnake (Qingqing). This prompts the Azure Skysnake to come and Ning to run but the Azure Skysnake (Qingqing) catches up to Ning. They engage in a battle where Ning is forced up to his limit and makes a breakthrough in the sword arts and reaches One with the World level in swordsmanship. Ning eventually successfully retreats because of his new breakthrough. He then travels pass Eastmount Marsh and enters a mountain forest where he goes on top of a cliff and starts drinking fruit wine to celebrate the successful day he had where he killed a Xiantian Diremonster and reached One with the World level in swordsmanship while escaping from another powerful Xiantian Diremonster. Ning then wonders what level his father is at swordsmanship.

Then after few days later Ning goes to the Metalstone Tribe where he sees a worried Autumn Leaf and Mowu waiting for him. They were worried because Dala came back before Ning and informed thaem that Ning was battling against a diremonster. They did not know the outcome of the battle and was worried because if Ning won the battle, he should of made it back to the Metalstone Tribe before Dala. Ning tells Autumn Leaf that he killed the Aquatic Rhino which excites Autumn Leaf but Ning warns her not to spread out the information and to keep it a secret for fear of unwelcome attention. Ning then decides to stay in the Metalstone Tribe and tells that he would stay in the Metalstone Tribe for a period of time and does not wish to be disturbed. Ning then gives Dala three beastheads of gold for his services to him.

Ning then received a letter from his mom where in the letter it only contained words of concern which Ning appreciates after his life and death battle. Ning then orders Autumn Leaf to get rest since Autumn Leaf did not get good rest for a while because she was too worried about Ning. Ning then spent time in the Metalstone Tribe and every 10 days or so would make trip to the Eastmount Marsh but most of the time he would spend with the Metalstone Tribe where he would practice his sword arts.

One day after a month Ji Ning sees the Metalstone Tribe being chaotic. He finds out that people from Blackmount Tribe are coming to collect furs from the Metalstone Tribe without authorization from the Ji clan. Ning sees group of half-armored, pelt-clad tribesmen from the Blackmount Tribe in the Metalstone Tribe. Their leader Braveshell walks towards Ning and Autumn Leaf after seeing how beautiful Autumn Leaf was. Braveshell then strikes up a conversation with Autumn Leaf.

After Autumn Leaf calls Braveshell impudent, Braveshell threatens Autumn Leaf and tells Autumn Leaf how he killed a family of a girl that committed suicide rather then be with him and how he sold the clan as slaves which disgusts Ning. After Braveshell finds out that Ning, Autumn Leaf, and Mowu are from the Ji clan, he shows better attitude towards them. However after sensing Ning's killing intent, he orders his men to kill both Ning and Mowu and to capture Autumn Leaf so he can rape her. His men then gets killed by Wanfang. Afterwards Wanfang shows his respect to Ning revealing Ning's high status in the Ji clan which surprises Braveshell and the Metalstone Tribe members. Braveshell then tries to trick Ning by saying he has a magic treasure that he can give to Ning while at the same time attacks Ning, but Ning kills Braveshell before the attack can land on him.

Ning then thanks Wanfang for his assistance. Afterwards Ning tells the Metalstone Tribe members to dispose of the bodies. He also reassures them that Wanfang and him will pay a visit to the Blackmount Tribe to stop them from harassing the other tribes. Afterwards Ning and Wanfang have a discussion in a room regarding the news Wanfang brought from the West Prefecture City. Wanfang tells Ning about how Serpentwing reached the peak Xiantian level and fought against Ji Ishwin and was able to escape from him. Ning then asks Wanfang to go to the Blackmount Tribe with him, however Wanfang assures Ning that he doesn't have to go and he will take care of the matter with Blackmount Tribe. At that very same day Ning leaves the Metalstone Tribe along with Autumn Leaf and Mowu so it would be harder for Serpentwing to find Ning.

Ning continues to travel in Eastmount Marsh every 10 or 15 days to fight against the Azure Skysnake (Qingqing) in order to train himself. However during one of his battle with the Azure Skysnake (Qingqing), both him and the Azure Skysnake gets attacked by Ironwood Zhan. Ironwood Zhan tries to tame the Azure Skysnake into his spirit beast and to kill Ning. Zhan is threatened by Ning's talent and the fact that he is from the Ji clan. His spirit beast an Xiantian level Bian Tiger attacks Ning. The spirit beast sends a black liquid towards Ning which Ning blocks but however part of it gets into contact with Ning which allowed for Zhan to be able to track Ning. Ning battles with the spirit beast and tries to run away from it.

Book 3 Edit

Ning successfully runs away from the Bian Tiger. Ning continues to run away from Zhan and his spirit beast. He leaves the Eastmount Marsh and then runs over a 1000 km more and then he stops. Ning starts thinking about how to be an Xiantian lifeform and then he suddenly gets hit by a inspiration which allowed him to understand True meaning of the Dao. Ning continues to meditate on the spot which allows Ironwood Zhan and his spirit beast to catch up.

Zhan is surprised at the way Ning is meditating. He then throws a rock at Ning but the rock gets frozen. Ironwood Zhan then uses his whip to pick up a tree and throws it at Ning which interrupts Ning's meditation. Ning is disappointed at his meditation getting interrupted as he could of had more insights into the dao. Ning then quickly uses his Crimsonbright diagrams of the Nine Heavens to turn into a Xiantian level fiendgod body refiner. After successfully becoming a Xiantian fiendgod body refiner Ning opens his eyes and attacks Zhan and his Bian Tiger.

Ning kills the Bian Tiger with his waterflame lotuses.  Ironwood Zhan then attacks Ning with his formation but Ning blocks it with his waterflame lotus. Ning then attacks Ironwood Zhan with his waterflame lotus prompting him to retreat with the aid of his formation. Zhan decides to run away and to inform Ironwood Clan and the Snowdragon clan about Ning being a threat. Ning chases after Zhan and in the process was able to use divine will which normally Wangxian Adepts can use. Ning slows Zhan's path of retreat by moving trees and rocks front of Zhan to slow him down and then he kills him with a combination of waterflame lotus and his sword techniques.

After Ning kills Ironwood Zhan he picks up all of his items and destroys the bodies of Ironwood Zhan and the Bian tiger. Ning then trains and becomes a Xiantian as a ki refiner. Then he checks the storage treasures of Ironwood Zhan and decides to replace his current bow with Zhan's bow as it was a better bow. Ning then took out the book his mom gave him and started reading the cover of the book which states Wind Wing Evasion Technique.

Ning finds out that the Wind Wing Evasion Technique is the root and foundation of the Yuchi Clan and that the technique must not be passed on to others. Ning figures out his mother Yuchi Snow must be from the Yuchi Clan. Ning wonders what happened to the Yuchi Clan. Afterwards he continues reading the book. He finds out that the windwing evasion was given to Yuchi Anton a ancestor of the Yuchi Clan by a Celestial Immortal named Suhuan. He was given the windwing evasion techniques because he saved the Celestial Immortal. Ning is amazed by the history of the Yuchi Clan. He then flips through the golden pages of the book where he sees the diagram of a great Roc in flight. Ning finds 81 diagrams of the great Roc and reads through them. He learns that the divine ability was derived from the great Roc and that Windwing Evasion was divided into many different levels. Ning learns that only after one's divine power was able to form wings, would that considered to be learning the divine ability and the requirement for that was the user has to be at least at the Zifu level. Ning then starts training on the divine ability as an Xiantian lifeform as the divine ability contains boundless secrets which will help him even when he is only a Xiantian lifeform. In addition to this Ning learns that he must use wing treasure along with the divine ability as will this not only make him faster but also allow him to hide the divine ability.

Ning then ponders about the book and comes to the conclusion that the book is the original copy that the immortal Suhuan gave to Yuchi Anton. He worries about his mother's clan since his mother has the original copy wondering whether the clan was destroyed. Ning then trains in the divine ability for a month and afterwards he goes to the desolate tribe where Autumn Leaf and Mowu is staying along with black armored guards. Ning then tells the group its time to go back and Ning decides to visit Serpentwing lake to take care of Serpentwing.

During the travel Autumn Leaf tells Ning that if they can visit Spring Grass in the Blacktooth tribe. Ning agrees with Autumn Leaf and decides to visit Spring Grass. While travelling Ning and co. meet with black armored guards with the captain being Wuzhan. He talks to Wuzhan and learns about Serpentwing. He learns that Serpentwing attacked the nearby surroundings including the Blacktooth tribe where more than half of its tribesman died. Ning worries about Spring Grass and quickly goes towards the Blacktooth tribe along with Autumn Leaf and Mowu. Ning the reaches the outskirts of the Blacktooth tribe and talks to men of the Blacktooth tribe and learns that Spring Grass died because of the attack of Serpentwing and afterwards Ning in rages swear that he would kill Serpentwing.

Ning then goes to Blacktooth tribe and he talks to Blacktooth. Blacktooth in the beginning lies to Ning and tells him that Spring Grass married a travelling merchant and then gives Ning a letter from Spring Grass. Ning reads the letter and finds out that Spring Grass was in love with him and how Spring Grass has 2 younger brothers. Ning is visibly upset with the death of Spring Grass. Ning then confronts Blacktooth and afterwards Blacktooth takes Ning to the grave of Spring Grass. He then tells what happened to Spring Grass after gaining her freedom.

Ning finds out Spring Grass was sad in the beginning for leaving Ning but then later on became happy when she met her younger brothers. Serpentwing's attack caused great devastation to the Blacktooth tribe and Spring Grass and other Blacktooth tribe members tried to get help from River He of Riverside tribe. River He however betrayed them and destroyed Spring Grass's dantian and made her suffer. Spring Grass then wrote a letter to Ning concocting the story of meeting a travelling merchant so that Ning would always remember the happy Spring Grass and 3 days later she took her life via poison.

Ning is upset with all of these and decides to visit the Riverside tribe to exact revenge for Spring Grass. Afterwards Ning goes to the Riverside tribe and attacks directly and destroys the city walls while calling for River He. River Sansi the grandfather of River He hears Ji Ning and sees the attack which prompts him to attack Ning but he gets defeated by a single kick from Ning. After Sansi finding who Ning was, he brings River He in front of Ning. Ning then destroys River He's dantian and afterwards orders Mowu to do the suspension punishment on River He. Mowu complies and hangs River He on top of the Riverside City where he gets no food or water and because of his wounds being untreated birds peck at him and afterwards Riverside He slowly dies in agony.

Afterwards Ning goes to the Serpentwing Lake. He calls for Serpentwing to come out from under the lake and fight him but Serpentwing believes that Ning is setting up a trap so he does not come out of the water. Ning then in frustration goes to Serepentwing's previous lair which was a cave where Serpentwing lived. As he goes into the deeper parts of the cave Ning encounters several houtian monsters. The monsters were attacking Ning and Ning fought back and he killed some of them while just injuring the others. During his killing, Ning killed two more of Serpentwing's children. Ning then continued to travel deeper into the cave and then an enormous beast shadow appeared in the shape of the head of a giant grizzly. The shadow swallowed Ning and it turned out to be a relic site. Ning was then teleport inside the Aquatic Mansion.

Once Ning is inside the Aquatic Mansion, he sees that he is in a large wide corridor that is three hundred meters tall and three hundred meters wide with water outside of the exit which is behind him. Ning fires an arrow towards the water but an invisible barrier stops the arrow from going to the water. Ning fires several more arrows using the fiendgod strength but the arrows always gets stop by the barrier. Ning figures out that he is in a relic site.

Ning then decides to walk into the corridor. After walking a short while, he sees lot of skeletons littered in the ground. He sees that most of the skeletons don't have weapons or armors, only some of the distant skeletons have weapons and armors. Ning picks up the skeletons with weapons and armors using divine will. Those skeletons gets shattered as soon as they land on the ground. Ning loots all the treasure, and then Ning begins to inspect the corpses.

In one of the corpse Ning finds a ring, he then takes the ring and binds it. Inside the ring, Ning finds lot of unranked magic treasures. Ning then takes out a storage treasure from the ring in the form of a belt and wears it. Ning then selects an excellent armor and wears it, while decommissioning the Goldstar shirt. Ning then proceeds to the hallway while taking out his two Darknorth swords.

As Ning walked past the skeletons, suddenly a gold colored liquid turned into weapon-wielding, golden-armored celestial warriors. There were 81 celestial warriors with all of them having Xiantian level power. Those Celestial warriors started attacking Ning as a group. They start out using a formation and as a result two sides of the corridor a hazy mist forms and traps Ning where Ning is forced to fight the warriors. Ning then starts fighting them and soon finds out they are Immortal. However after killing several of them, Ning figured out that their power was decreasing as a group when you kill them. After a long arduous battle Ning finally manages to beat them by depleting their energy.

Afterwards, the mist dissipates Ning carefully makes his way towards the corner of the corridor and glances on the other side where he sees more skeletons. Ning then pulled one of the corpse from the pile using divine will and took the storage type magic treasure that was on the skeleton. Ning then checked the content of the storage treasure and found lot of unranked magic treasure which he took.

Ning then took a rest and started eating and drinking while at the same time recovering his divine power. After eating and drinking, Ning started perusing over the treasures he took from the corpses. Ning also found some training manuals where he found a sword art comparable with Raindrop Sutra. He also found a strange bark where it is mentioned how a Immortal named Juhua is accepting a disciple. The disciple has to be a Fiendgod body refiner at either Xiantian stage or Zifu stage. The person will be given three tests and if they passed it without dying, they would become heir to Immortal Juhua. Ning figured out he has to pass three trials, and he just finished the first trial and has to complete two more trials.

After Ning recovers his divine power, he continues on towards the second trial. In the second trial 9 blackish blue-seeds come and forms giant warriors with each one having a dao armor and three-meter long staffs. The giants warriors attack Ning in a formation, and Ning has difficulty battling them. Ning is unable to inflict serious injury on the giant warriors and as a result he is forced to continue using the windwing evasion technique to escape from the nine giant's attack. As Ning is running his divine power goes below 10%, and which forces Ning to fight.

In the fight, Ning uses two dao seals in order to increase his speed and in turn increase the power of his attack. As he is attacking, he has an epiphany and gets to the true meaning of the dao stage in terms of understanding. This allows his attack to be much stronger and as a result Ning destroys one of the giant warriors. After destroying him, Ning quickly takes away the dao armor preventing the warriors from linking up their power. Ning then manages to defeat the warriors by grinding them with his attacks and making them expend all their energy.

After Ning beats the warriors and complete the second trial, he takes a break. Ning started resting and eating and at the same time start recovering his divine power. After recovering his divine power, Ning started working on his techniques and began to perfect his True Meaning of the Raindrop. Ning spends one month eating and training and after that he walks into the corridor to face the third trial.

While walking at the corridor, Ning sees three corpses and magic treasures. Ning picks up the treasures using divine will and find all of them to be unranked magic treasure. Ning then faces the third trial where a figure comes out who has a crooked body, an oily green gaze, and his body covered with black fur. The figure attacks Ning using his palm and knocks him flying where Ning loses the handle of his two Darknorth swords.

Book 4 Edit

Ji Ning is slammed into the ground where he is injured and in tremendous pain. The black furred creature tells Ning to pass this trial all he has to do is either injure the beast or knock him down once. Ning then gets up from the floor and uses his Darknorth swords to attack the creature using true meaning of the dao. Ning also at the same time Light Body Seal and a Divine Movement Sea to increase his speed which in turns increases his attacking power.

Despite Ning's continuous attacks, he was not able to injure the black furred creature. The black furred creature then again attacked Ning with his palm, causing Ning's armor type magic treasure to split apart and also a huge hole appeared in Ning's chest. Ning then in desperate attempt used all his Xiantian Ki and divine will to attack the creature with the all the unranked magic treasures. The black furred creature allowed the attack to land on him without blocking or dodging, and Ning was able to injure the creature and pass the trial.

After the fight, Ning recovered and then he got up from the floor and collected all the un ranked magic treasures. Ning then recovered for the whole day in order for his Xiantian Ki in his body to become normal. after that Ning continued to advance in the hallway. After a long time, Ning found a exit to the corridor and he got out of the corridor and into a vast palace. Ning then sat on a giant prayer mat and started pondering about the recent set of events, a old black bull came into the palace.

The old black bull introduced himself to Ning as a spirit of a magic treasure which Immortal Juhua kept. Ning then finds out from the old black bull that the previous masters of this Immortal Estate are all dead. He also found out that the black-furred creature is a golem which has a soul inserted into it. Afterwards Ning is congratulated by the old black bull and told that he is the fifth master of the Aquatic Mansion.

Ning is surprised that he is only the fifth master. He at the same time learns that Juhua was the third master of this estate while Rampart was the fourth master. Ning learns that both Juhua and Rampart has died. He also learns that the trials were set up by the first master of the Aquatic Mansion. Ning asks the old bull what sorts of benefits he will acquire since he is the current master, and the old bull laments on the fact that Ning can't get anything now since he is only an Xiantian, and also the previous masters are dead so they can't help Ning.

The old black bull gives Ning a control talisman, and tells him that once he becomes a Zifu disciple he can bind the talisman and have some control over the Aquatic Mansion. The old black bull then tries to send Ning off, but Ning is unwilling to leave and asks there should be something that benefits him now. The old black bull then remembers and gives Ning a visualization technique by the name of [Inner Visualization of the Shining Sun-Moon Buddha]. Ning is not impressed by the gift since he already has a better visualization technique, the [Nuwa Painting]. The old black bull then gives Ning a sword formation called the [lesser thousands sword formation.] 

The old black bull explains to Ning about the lesser thousands sword formation. Ning then learns the Lesser Thousand Seal Line. After learning it, Ning uses his blood to form the Lesser Thousand Seal Line on 729 of the sword-type unranked magic treasures. Ning then practices using the Lesser Thousand Sword Formation, and is able to do up to the fifth level but he is comfortable only using up to the fourth level and decides in battle, he should only do up to the fourth level of Lesser Thousand Sword Formation.  

The old black bull is impressed by Ning and praises him, stating he is more talented then Rampart. Ning also finds out he has the combat power of an early Zifu disciple, and that Ning should not underestimate any Zifu disciple. Ning then learns about the 'Fiendgod Bloodforging' technique. Ning then learns the rites of bloodforging and uses it on his Darknorth swords to make them a demonic weapon or alternatively called as slaying weapon. Ning finds out after the bloodforging, his Darknorth swords are much sharper.  

The old black bull tells Ning that his close combat abilities are very strong and when Ning reaches the sixth stage of Crimsonbright diagram, Ning would be able to fight people at higher level. Ning asks the old black bull, if he knows any divine abilities. the old black bull states he doesn't have any divine abilities and then afterwards he transports Ning out of the Aquatic Mansion.    

Ning comes back to Serpentwing lake. He also has a talisman for the Aquatic Mansion and he can enter the Aquatic Mansion, once he becomes a Zifu disciple. After coming back to Serpentwing lake, Ning again challenges Serpentwing. He calls Serpentwing to come out of the water, but Serpentwing does not. Ning then goes under water and fights Serpentwing. Serpentwing starts losing and decides to escape. Ning however manages to kill Sepentwing with the Lesser Thousand Sword Formation.    

After killing Serpentwing, Ning goes in the surface where he meets his parents. He tells them that he executed Serpentwing, and showed the corpse to his parents. Ning also told his parents about how he became an Xiantian as a fiendgod, and also the fact that he killed Ironwood Zhan, and that he gained an understanding of the dao. Ning showed his parents that not only does he has understanding of true meaning of the raindrop but he can also utilize it in his techniques.    

Ning tells his parents that he was only able to comprehend the True Meaning of the Raindrop in a hidden area. He is also apologetic to his parents for making them worry about him since they could not sense the jade sword. Ning also shows his parents the lesser thousand swords formation and also all the unranked magic treasures as well as the visualization technique [Inner Visualization of the Sun-Moon Buddha].    

Ning kept some of the unranked magic treasures while giving the rest to Ji Ishwin. Afterwards Ning learns from his parents about the six major powers of Swallow Mountain as well as about the Grand Xia major World and the commanderies. He also learned about the Raindragon guard as well as about the great army controlled by the Marquis of Stillwater. All of these things excited Ning and made him wants to see the greater World. Ning then tells his parents that he wants to build a residence at Serpentwing Lake, and he wants to live there, and he will visit West Prefecture City in a few days.    

After conversing with his parents, Ning then proceed towards the Blacktooth tribe where he plans to pick up Spring Grass's younger brother Bluestone. During the journey, Ning stopped at times to rest and during that time he looked over all the treasures that he has from the Aquatic Mansion. Ning finds the Clearwind Manual which is a sword technique that is as powerful as the Raindrop Sutra.    

Ning also finds a jade curving where there was insight from a loose immortal about formations. It was called Nine Scrolls on Formation. Ning starts studying the jade curving and spent the whole night studying it which improved his insight into formations as well as made it easier for him to use the Lesser Thousand Sword formation.    

The next day, Ji Ning reaches the Blacktooth tribe along with Autumn Leaf and Mowu. In the Blacktooth tribe, Ning took Bluestone to Spring Grass's grave. Ning then talks to the grave of Spring Grass and tells her that how he took revenge for her and at the same time tells her that he will take Bluestone with him, and provide him with good tutelage.

While staying in the Blacktooth tribe, a group of soldiers from Firewing tribe led by its chief attacked the Blacktooth tribe. Ning defeats the group and captures the chief. The high members of the Firewing tribe tells Ning that the chief listens to Zig, who made the Firewing tribe attack the Blacktooth tribe even though they were opposed to it. Zig who was controlling the chief surprise attacks Ning, but Ning defends against the attack. Zig then kills himself through poison, which results in the Firewing tribe chief being free from the mind control. The chief then tells the group of people that he was being controlled by Zig, and Ning is surprised by the chain of events. Ning finds out that this Zig has bought lot of slaves and then sends his men to transport the slaves. Ning decides to track down the slaves, and gets help from Threeknife and Cardcloth who tracks down the slaves and the slave traders. Ning then rewards Threeknife and Cardcloth for their service and Ning follows the slaves into a base of a mountain. As soon as Ning gets into the base of the mountain, he enters a formation.

In the formation Ning hears people being tormented. Ning decides to first escape the formation but no matter where he runs, he is still stuck into the formation. Ning figures out that the formation was done by someone who is beyond a Xiantian life form. After that an Xiantian monster attacks Ning. The Xiantian monster was a panther like creature who looked similar to a Bi'an tiger. Ning kills the monster by using windwing evasion to get close to it, and using 'Raindrop Pierces Rock' to blow a hole through the creature's head. Ning figures out that its a late Xiantian Diremonster. Ning also learns the name of the monster, which is Black Needle. Ning then continuously tried to break the formation and escape.

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