Ji Ning is the protagonist of Desolate Era books.


He is the son of Ji Ishwin (Ji Yichuan) and Yuchi Snow and is a human cultivator from the Ji clan, he has two spirit beasts a Whitewater hound called White and an azure skysnake called Qing Qing. He is the Dao Companion of Yu Wei and the father of Ji Brightmoon.

He is currently a disciple of the Black-White College and Mount Innerheart, the current master of the Starseizing Manor, the sixth general (as well as Sentinel) of Fogstone, a palace lord of Vastheaven Palace, a citizen of Brightshore Kingdom, a member of the Dao Alliance, and the seventh Swordlord of the Twelve Palaces' Sword Palace.

He is a dual refiner, training in both Fiendgod Body Refining and Ki Refining, with both bodies being a First-Step Daolord.