Originally born on earth, where his father on Earth was a leading researcher in a bioscience program while his mother was an ordinary teacher. However he lived his entire life suffering from an unnamed illness that bound him to his bed and prevented him from any strenuous physical exertion. He would feel exhausted just by walking half an hour.

In spite of his disease, he doesn't become bitter and instead acquire knowledge through books and the internet. In order to find value in his life, he asks for 100,000 Chinese dollar from his parents and with the money he displays considerable intelligence and manages to earn a large sum of money through online business. However, before dying, he handed out all of his money to the poor and sick children throughout the country. His reasoning being to change the destiny of those countless poor, sick children! Later he dies at the age of 18 while walking in the streets outside of the hospital with his parents, succumbing to his sickly constitution.