Overview Edit

He is a member of the Ji clan. He is the most competent son of Ji Lee. He was also an Xiantian being.

Plot Edit

He is first seen discussing with Ji Lee about the prefecture lord position and tells his father that Ji Ishwin is being arrogant at the fact that Ning will win the golden sword and will become the prefecture lord. He gets warned by his father and tells him not to be hasty. He discusses with his father and decides to train youths around Ning's age from different tribes so Ning can lose the golden sword.

Jadewich is seen again after Serpentwing's attack. He is seen discussing with his father about the event and how powerful Ji Ishwin is. He also discusses about Ji Ning and the fact that Ning trains in a Fiendgod Body Refining technique and how he was able to survive attacks from Serpentwing. He is confused just like the other Ji clan members about the way Ning survived.

He also goes to view the ceremony of the golden sword alongside his father Ji Lee in the final day, and sees Ning winning the competition.

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