Ji Grizzly is the favorite adopted son of Ji Lee. He is three years older then Ji Ning and participates in the Ceremony of the Golden Sword in order to stop Ji Ning from winning.


Ji Lee found Grizzly in a Diremonster Golden Grizzly Bear's lair when Grizzly was an infant. Ji Lee found him after a vicious battle with the Diremonster Golden Grizzly Bear where at the end the Diremonster fled. He then named the infant, Grizzly, because he was raised by Golden Grizzly Bear. Then Grizzly was brought to Ji Lee's home and was determined to be one year old. Grizzly was adopted by Ji Lee.


Book 1Edit

Grizzly reached the advanced stage in the saber at the age of twelve. He participates in the Ceremony of the Golden Sword under request from Ji Lee in order to beat Ji Ning. He is warned about Ning by Ji Lee. Grizzly participates in the competition and advances to the final eight. He battles alongside six other youths against Ji Ning. Towards the end of the battle only him and Ning was in the competition. He brags to Ning about how Ning would lose against him and it is shown that he trains in the Eternal Mysteries of the Yellow Earth Fiendgod body refining technique. In the one on one battle he displays his advanced level saber against Ning but Ning beats him easily.

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