Immortal Diancai is the master that accepts Ji Ning when he enter Black-White College. He is a sword Immortal. He was the strongest Earth Immortal that Black White College had and the one person who had the greatest chance to become a Celestial Immortal. He trains Ji Ning and Ji Ning learns the second stance of the three foot sword and gets a dao domain of a fire dao while training under Diancai for the 3 years after entering Black-White College.

Diancai also later defends Ning against Arcanum when Arcanum threatens the Black White College to hand over Ning. Afterwards Diancai goes out in a adventure and comes back to Grand Xia Major World where he takes on the Celestial tribulation. He has both Ji Ning and Fivecraze guard him. Diancai succeeds in the tribulation and becomes a Celestial Immortal. He is the second person in the history of Black-White College to become a Celestial Immortal.