Immortal Diancai is an Immortal cultivator of the Black-White College. He became Ji Ning's master after the latter entered the Black-White College. He is a sword Immortal.

He was the strongest Earth Immortal that Black-White College had and the one with the greatest chance at becoming a Celestial Immortal.

Cultivation Edit

Technique(s) Edit

  • Five Elements Sword Intent - Reached 18th stance out of 36 stances
    • Five Elements Sword 18th stance - Minor Five Elements, Extermination
    • Five Elements Sword 36th stance - Major Five Elements, All Life
  • Three-Foot Sword - Reached 6th stance out of 9 stances

Background Edit

In the past, he was the greatest genius of his generation. He also had a woman with him named Fairy Drizzlerain who was going to become his Dao-Companion. Alas, she was killed by a Primal-level Fiendgod of fire while the two were out adventuring.

History Edit

Book Seven Edit

He took Ji Ning on as his first disciple after the latter obtained the legacy of Immortal Northwalker, the Three-Foot Sword. For three years after Ji Ning entered the Black-White College, he was vigorously trained by Immortal Diancai. During this time, he learnt the second stance of the Three-Foot Sword and obtained a Dao-Domain in the lesser dao of Inferno.

Book Eight Edit

When Ji Ning planned to go out adventuring, he gave him two protective treasures.

Book Eleven Edit

Later, Immortal Diancai defended Ning against Patriarch Arcanum when he threatened the Black-White College to hand over Ning. Afterwards, Immortal Diancai went adventuring and returned almost forty years later to take on his Celestial Tribulation.

Book Fourteen Edit

He decided to take on his Celestial Tribulation in a minor world that he happened upon while out adventuring. For his tribulation, he has both Ji Ning and Immortal Fivecraze become his protectors while Uncle White set up grand formations that would even delay Celestial Immortals.

He was easily able to pass the Wind and Fire Tribulations due to the Heavenraker swords Ji Ning gifted him. He was even able to withstand until the 4th round of the Thunder Tribulation. For the 5th round, however, he had to use a forbidden technique to gain a sudden boost in strength. Just as he became delighted from having withstood the tribulation, the 6th round of the Thunder Tribulation began. Immortal Diancai, Ji Ning and Immortal Fivecraze were all shocked as usually only disciples of Daofathers encountered the 6th round of the Thunder Tribulation. Despair took over him but with the despair he gained sudden enlightenment in the 18th stance of the Five Elements Sword Intent which allowed him to barely defeat the 6th round of Thunder Tribulation. He then began his Demonheart Tribulation.

A day after he began his Demonheart Tribulation, the Blood God Church's Scion of the Blood God and Seven Law Protectors attacked him such that he would fail in an attempt to cripple the Northmont Clan's staunchest ally. However, Ji Ning held back Scion of the Blood God while his Primaltwin killed all of the Seven Law Protectors. Suddenly, Ji Ning was attacked by Bloodcloud Hall's Earthnine Squad which allowed Scion of the Blood God to get closer to Immortal Diancai but he was unable to penetrate the formations set down by Uncle White. In fact, he became trapped within a different formation. A few days, Immortal Diancai succeeded his Celestial Tribulation which forced Scion of the Blood God to use a precious Greater-Teleportation Dao-Seal to escape.

Soon, the group left the minor world and returned to the Black-White College where Immortal Fivecraze announced the news of Immortal Diancai ascending to become a Celestial Immortal. Hearing the news, Patriarch Unity ordered Northmont Hunchmont to gift a set of five top-grade Immortal swords to Immortal Diancai as congratulations. He then invited Immortal Diancai and Ji Ning to visit him in his secluded quarters where the three of them agreed to forming an alliance.

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