The first stage was the elementary level. It was extremely hard to reach the first level; if you couldn’t succeed in it, you would have no hope of progressing as a Heartforce Cultivator.

The second stage, ‘iceheart’.

The third stage, ‘ruler’.

The fourth stage, ‘mortal dust’.

The fifth stage, ‘truth’.

The sixth stage, ‘world’. This is the highest level of heartforce.

Once your heartforce reached the sixth stage, all of your heartforce would pool together within that sea of consciousness. If your heartforce was strong enough, it could affect reality itself, forming a singularity where what was real and what was false would collide.

“Heartforce Cultivators cultivate their worlds. They need to establish their heartworlds, with their insights into the Dao perfecting those worlds and making them more and more real.”

Heartforce Cultivators look into a very stable dao. More Stable Dao more bigger heartforce world