Sword Immortal Green Bamboo is the second disciple of Ji Ning. He was a mortal by the name of Yang Quding who lived in the Archaeus Region of the Alternate Universe before he was found by Ji Ning.

Overview Edit

Green Bamboo is the first of Ji Ning's disciples to succeed in the Daomerge. He becomes a Hegemon and by a chance encounter, meets Autarch Ekong who tests him. Green Bamboo is able to pass the test, displaying his perfect Dao Heart, indicative of his potential to achieve Autarchy, and is granted an Otherverse by Autarch Ekong, ascending to an Otherverse Lord.

During the Dusk War against the Sithe, Hegemon Green Bamboo fought on the distant Hiddencloud battlefront as its leader, choosing to fight with the woman he loves, Hegemon Dawnclear, instead of his fellow disciples. The Hiddencloud battlefront is eventually overrun by Sithe forces and a distress call is issued to the Autarchs, requesting assistance. However, as the battlefront was over 10 days away from any of the Autarchs, no aid could be rendered to them and they made plans to escape instead. Cultivators of the Hiddencloud battlefront, including Green Bamboo, scattered to survive. Green Bamboo fled with his lover, Dawnclear, and handed her his life saving treasure to use for escape. He then turned to face Sithe forces to buy time for her and eventually chooses to self detonate to prevent his Truesoul from being consumed by the Sithe.

Ji Ning was enraged by the death of Green Bamboo and steeled himself to annihilate the Sithe.

After the war, Green Bamboo was revived by Lord of Chaos Ji Ning where he reunited with his lover, Hegemon Dawnclear.

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