“Prior to the Dawn War, when the Sithe were in the prime of their power, they discovered this Chaos Primordial. Some of the most terrifying and powerful Sithe experts set off to capture it, then imprisoned it within an enormous Sithe prison that was meant for imprisoning major powers. I once entered that place with my master and saw the ‘Flamewing God’ myself. Back then, one of the prison gaolers introduced it to us and sait that it was incredibly strong. Three Sithe Exalts had to work together in order to capture it.” -Whitethaw

"Far off in the distance, there was an enormous winged beast that was a hundred kilometers in size which was bathed in flames. The creature’s entire body was fiery red, and it had a pair of dazzling and enormous wings on its back. Its body looked somewhat similar to that of a fiery red bear’s, but it was completely covered with countless flaming scales." DE book 37 chapter 27

'Flamewing God is a Chaos primordial servant that Ji Ning tamed by tricking and feeding him 'Verdant Azuresoul'. '-DE book 37 chapter 29

Verdant AzuresoulEdit

Ji Ning had acquired a verdant azuresoul from the beastworld, one which Autarch Bolin had transformed into a magic treasure. So long as a Chaos Primordial ate it, it would fall under Ning’s control and become his servant.

Chaos PrimordialsEdit

Chaos Primordials were the most terrifying lifeforms of the Chaosverse, birthed from the prime essences of the Chaosverse themselves. They were born with virtually indestructible bodies, and they possessed inconceivable levels of power. However, they were rather unintelligent, perhaps comparable to ordinary mortal children at best. They wandered the Chaosverse alone, and when they occasionally ran into a realmverse they would devour the entire realmverse whole.

As a result, quite a few realmverses had been destroyed by Chaos Primordials over the course of eons! Alas, there was nothing that could be done; even terrifying Otherverse Lords would only at best be able to stay alive in the face of a Chaos Primordial attack. There was nothing which could stop them save the Autarchs.

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