The [Eight-Nine Arcane Art], also known as the [Nine Cycles Arcane Art] or the [Seventy-Two Transformations]1. This divine ability allows one to completely and perfectly control one’s Fiendgod body. A basic level of skill in this art allows one to transform into anything in the world; this is why this divine ability is also referred to as the [Seventy-Two Transformations].

This divine ability places tremendous stress on the body. Thus, only Fiendgod Body Refiners can train in it:

  • At the Primal level, you can train in the First, Second, and Third Cycles.
  • At the Void level, you can train in the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Cycles.
  • At the Empyrean God level, you train in the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Cycle.

Each cycle and comparison to magic treasures in toughness:

  1. Heaven ranked magic treasure.
  2.  ?
  3. Immortal ranked magic treasure.
  4.  ?
  5.  ?
  6. Pure Yang magic treasure.
  7.  ?
  8.  ?
  9. Supreme Pure Yang magic treasure.