The Deva Realm is one of the Three Realms. It is nominally the highest level of the Three Realms but hasn't been so since Nuwa left the Three Realms.

Structure Edit

The eastern part of the Deva Realm is managed by the Celestial Court, while the western side is managed by the Buddhists of Mount Ling. Naturally, there are many asuras and devas who live throughout the Deva Realm, and they have joined together to form powers. The Windlocked Isles can be considered one of those powers.

Background Edit

In the distant past, an Immortal maiden from the Deva Realm descended upon the Mortal Realm. By a chance encounter, she met with an ordinary Immortal cultivator of that world named Dong You and soon the two entered into a secret relationship, wishing to accompany each other forever. Unfortunately, that Immortal maiden had an extremely exalted status in the Deva Realm; the elders behind her would absolutely not permit her, an exalted Celestial Immortal, to become Dao-companions with an ordinary Immortal cultivator. Thus, they forced them apart. Afterwards, this Dong You swore an oath that he would ascend to the Deva Realm and take back his Dao-companion. And he actually did manage to overcome all of his difficulties, conquer the Heavenly tribulation, and become a carefree, eternal Celestial Immortal. He even became one of the leading figures of his major world, and then he led the many Immortals of his major world to charge towards and attack the Deva Realm. In the end, the powers behind the Immortal maiden lowered their heads. He took her back and their legend became known throughout the Three Realms.

During the Three Realms' creation, Nuwa had planned out that the Deva Realm would remain the most powerful of three realms and act as an enforcer to maintain order in the Mortal Realm and minimize or even eliminate fighting amongst Daofathers and their legions.

However, this didn't pan out as after Nuwa left and the remaining Daofathers kept growing stronger they grew more powerful than the Deva Realm. This left the Deva Realm unable to maintain peace and order. Currently, the Deva Realm is the highest realm in name only as even the Grand Xia Emperor, Xiamang Xun, is able to sit down as equals with the Celestial Emperor. Even Empyrean God Seatopple, a mere Empyrean God, is able to cause a ruckus in the Deva Realm and even wreck the Celestial Court.

History Edit

Book Fourteen Edit

After returning to the Grand Xia World, Ji Ning left for the Imperial City to to visit his cousin, Yuchi Xiyue. There, he, surprisingly, met Feng Yungu, a disciple of the Deva Realm's Windlocked Isles, who would most likely become Yuchi Xiyue's husband. Many imperial Xia clansmen married disciples of the the Windlocked Isles due to the longstanding alliance between the Grand Xia Dynasty and them. Yuchi Xiyue decided to marry Feng Yungu since he was, euphemistically speaking, a good-natured man who was willing to marry into her house which would allow her to resurrect the Yuchi Clan since their children would carry her name. In reality, he was just a weak-willed coward but this is exactly what Yuchi Xiyue wanted since this would allow her to fully control him.

However, Yuchi Xiyue also informed Ji Ning that one of the sons of the Master of the Windlocked Isles - Feng Yunpeng - was also present in King Yan's manor. He, however, wanted to take her back to the Windlocked Isles to marry her. Later, however, Ji Ning scared him off by displaying his wealth.

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