Daoist Threelives was the creator of the Starseizing Manor. He was born at the same time as Pangu, from the Primordial Chaos. He was a powerful figure, born with complete knowledge of a Grand Dao.  

Daoist Threelives had once suffered a catastrophic defeat, losing an arm in it. The proud Daoist Threelives elected not to regrow his arm, continuing to only have one arm. Thanks to his constant research and meditation, he had developed one of the ten most terrifying divine abilities of the Three Realms…the [Starseizing Hand]! This ability allowed him to be at the level of a Elite True God even though Threelives was comparatively weaker in the dao.

Daoist Threelives loved to battle and had lot of fiendgods under his command such as the famous Redsnow.

He left the Starseizing Manor so that he would have a disciple and be able to pass on his unique divine ability. Afterwards he went into a battle against the Seamless Chaosworld where he died in the battle. After trillions of years, Ji Ning acquired this Starseizing Hand technique. Only upon reaching the level of Empyrean God, Ji Ning was considered a true disciple of Daoist Threelives, and had full access to the manor.

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