Overview Edit

Dala is a strong warrior from the Metalstone Tribe. He wields a greataxe as his weapon of choice.

Plot Edit

He is seen coming back from a fishing trip from Eastmount Marsh towards his tribe. He teases Ah Yi along the way. On the journey the group gets attacked by a Bian Tiger. He fights valiantly against the monster but gets almost killed by the Bian Tiger. He is saved at the last moment by Ji Ning. Ning then asks for someone to help him guide to Eastmount Marsh and Dala agrees to go with Ning. Ning in turn gives Dala a beasthead of gold. Dala tells Saber to take the gold back and to give the gold to his eldest son and if Dala doesn't make it back alive, take care of his three children for him.

Dala then takes a trip to Eastmount Marsh with Ning and along the way describes different things about Eastmount Marsh. They spend a month and Dala is amazed at how strong Ning is. After a month they run into Blue Guards. The Blue Guards force Ning and Dala to follow them. It turns out that the Blue Guards are working for the Aquatic Rhino in order to rescue a young master of the Ironwood clan. They are gathering people for the Aquatic Rhino to eat. They already gathered over 500 people and bound them up. Aquatic Rhino then orders a member of the Blue Guards to apprehend Ji Ning and bring Ning to him so he can eat Ning. Ning kills the member of the Blue Guards and then afterwards massacres rest of the 100 Blue Guards. Ning also frees all the people that are tied up. Aquatic Rhino then attacks and in the process kills lot of the people that were set free. Afterwards Dala flees with the survivors and goes back to his tribe along with other people of Metalstone Tribe that were also captured before by the Blue Guards. Dala safely returns back to the tribe with the survivors.

Once returning to the Metalstone Tribe, Dala informs Autumn Leaf and Mowu that Ning was last seen battling the Aquatic Rhino. This worries both Autumn Leaf and Mowu because Ning should of been back by now. Ning eventually returns safely to the Metalstone Tribe and ends up giving Dala 3 beastheads of gold for his services to him in the Eastmount Marsh.