Overview Edit

Blindfish is a member of the Ji clan. He was an Xiantian life form. He was the best archer of the west prefecture of the Ji clan. He was also the archery teacher of both Ji Ning and Bluestone.

History Edit

He was first introduced to Ning by Ji Ishwin (Ji Yichuan.) He taught Ning archery when he first started learning archery. Blindfish was Ning's first archery master. He taught Ning for one year teaching Ning everything he knew. Ning learned even Blindfish's best move the quadshot skill. Afterwards Blindfish recommended to Ning that he trains archery by himself and practice shooting from farther targets.

He is next seen riding a white tiger and commanding 300 powerful black armored riders in order to capture Red Tip a peak Houtian level serpentine Godbeast. Red Tip was creating havoc and killing lot of people. He captures it and then orders the snake to be send to the cage for Ning to battle for his training.