The Black-White College is a major Immortal school within the Stillwater Commandery. It is located within Stillwater City.  

Structure Edit

The school has very rigorous conditions for entrance and normally will only accept one or two disciples a year.  

The school is divided into three generations:  

  1. First-Generation: Immortal Patriarchs  
  2. Second-Generation: Primal Daoist Teachers  
  3. Third-Generation: Wanxiang Adept and below Disciples  

The school had around 10 Immortal Patriarchs, 30 Primal Daoist Teachers and around 200 disciples. Since there are so few disciples, each disciple gets to have their own mountain within the school, each disciple can also have 10 retainers who can listen in to the lectures on the Dao and can gain techniques and other treasures from the school. Every 10 years the disciples will get fifty kilograms of liquified elemental essence to help them train.

The form of currency within the school is called Black-White pellets. These pellets can be used to buy treasures, techniques, swords arts, divine abilities, and soul arts. There are many different ways to earn Black-White pellets.

Obtaining Black-White pellets Edit

Achievement Reward
Joining the school 1000
Reaching Dao Domain 1000
Developing Divine Sense 2000
Becoming a 1-clawed Raindragon Guard 1000
Becoming a 2-clawed Raindragon Guard 5000
Becoming a 3-clawed Raindragon Guard 15000

Dao Repository Vault Edit

Name Rank Cost

(black-white pellets)

First scroll of the [Three-Foot Sword] Sword technique 2000
[Lesser Five Elements Sword] Sword technique 800
First scroll of the [Samgha Sutra of Ascending to Heaven] Immortal ranked ki refining technique 1500
First scroll of the [Flowing Watersourse] Immortal ranked ki refining technique 1500
Second scroll of the [Crimsonbright Diagram of the Nine Heavens] Fiendgod training method 100
First scroll [Heavenly Transformation] Divine ability 500
First scroll [Divine Thunderbolt Eye] Divine ability 2000
First scroll [Myriad Hibernating Venoms] Divine ability 5000
First scroll [Three Heads, Six Arms] Divine ability 3000
First scroll [Eye of the Luminous Heart] Divine ability 5000
[Soulshaker Art] Soul art 2000
[Soulcharmer Art] Soul art 3000
[Soulslayer Art] Soul art 10000

Members Edit

Disciples Edit

  • Ninelotus
  • Winterain
  • Bu Ying
  • Bloodrinker Bladask
  • Rainbowflame Fairy, Yu Wei
  • Northmont Blackcurrent
  • Holyfire
  • Bloodshadow
  • Whitesnow
  • Venomblood
  • Meng Roch (formely Ji Ning's retainer)

Retainers Edit

  • Cloudship (Ji Ning's retainer, Northmont Baiwei's recommendation)
  • Cloudjade (Ji Ning's retainer, Northmont Baiwei's recommendation)
  • Forgard (Ji Ning's retainer, Northmont Baiwei's recommendation; Deceased)
  • Weifang (Ji Ning's retainer, Northmont Baiwei's recommendation; Deceased)
  • Nethersun (Ji Ning's retainer, Northmont Baiwei's recommendation; Returned home.

Immortals Edit

Background Edit

In the past, one of the Immortal Patriarchs of the school brought back the Black-White Bedstone Diagram. It holds the secrets of many interwoven Daos and viewing it can help give great insights. This diagram was so profound that the school changed its name to match the diagram and it became the most prized possession of the school.  

The school had also produced Immortal Northwalker who lived for over a million years. He became so powerful that people praised him as being equal to Celestial Immortals. He was the school's most magnificent Sword Immortal. His legacy, the Three-Foot Sword, had nine stances but only six of them were present with the school. The final three stances were so profound that they could not be noted down and could only be transferred directly to a potential Sword Immortal.  

History Edit

Book Seven Edit

Ji Ning joined the school at the age of 16 along with the even younger 14-year old Mu Northson. He was apprenticed to Immortal Diancai due to his supreme talent as a Sword Immortal. A few days later, the college was in uproar as Ji Ning, a new disciple, had been able to beat senior disciples in the Dao Debate Palace. The next day, he competed in the Dao Debate Palace against Wanxiang Adept stage disciples and defeated many of them until Yu Wei stepped up to compete with him and defeated him.

Book Eleven Edit

When the Youngflame Clan's Celestial Immortal, Patriarch Arcanum, appeared to look for Ji Ning, the school unanimously defend Ji Ning. Even the reclusive Celestial Immortal Hunchmont appeared.

A few years later, Immortal Fivecraze visited Ji Ning at King Yan's residence to provide him with the Black-White College's divine abilities, swords arts, soul arts etc.

Book Fourteen Edit

When Ji Ning returned to the Grand Xia World, he found that the school had many more Earth Immortals as many of the Primal Daoists of the school had decided to advance due to the turbulent currents surrounding the Stillwater Commandery and the Grand Xia Dynasty, as a whole.

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