As an Autarch, Awakener was one of the most powerful figures in Desolate Era and participated in the Dawn War against the Sithe. Even among Autarchs, Awakener was regarded as the strongest Autarch, perhaps second only to Autarch Entropos. Awakener attempted to ascend to a Lord of Chaos but failed and perished in the process.

Overview Edit

Awakener is seen as a projection within the Azureflower estate and is described to have the appearance of a scholar. Awakener is the creator of the Nine Chaos Seals and the master of the Azureflower Estate. He developed the Nine Chaos Seals in an attempt to raise the power of the cultivator Chaosverse by mirroring the Sithe's techniques to repair shattered truesouls, thus raising the odds of a successful Daomerge. Unfortunately, his vision was not realised and his insights were insufficient to further develop past Nine Chaos Seals. Before his attempt at ascending to a Lord of Chaos and subsequent death, he published a flawed version of the Nine Chaos Seals to identify a potential successor, and left behind the Heart of Eternity with the perfected version in the hopes that someone would succeed his will and further develop the Nine Chaos Seals to form the tenth seal. 

History Edit

Autarch Awakener against the Sithe in the Dawn War. After the War, he attempted to ascend to Lord of Chaos but failed and perished. Before his attempt, he made preparations so that when he died, two of his 108,000 godgems would be cast to the void while the rest would be reabsorbed back into the Quintessence of the cultivator Chaosverse. These two godgems later formed the Pangu Chaosworld and Seamless Chaosworld which collided to form the Three Realms. All cultivators from the Three Realms thus had the blessing of Autarch Awakener and possessed talent much higher than those of other Chaosworlds.

Awakener was revived by Lord of Chaos Ji Ning after the end of the Dusk War.

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