Overview Edit

Aquatic Rhino King is an early Xiantian level Diremonster. He lives in the Eastmount Marsh. He is able to change into a 6 and a 1/2 foot man. He is the first Xiantian level Diremonster that Ji Ning kills.

Plot Edit

Aquatic Rhino took a young master from the Ironwood Clan as a hostage and he forced the Blue Guards to capture people for him to eat so they can get the young master back. He promises them if they can bring 1000 people for him to eat he is going to spare the young master. The Blue Guards brings Ji Ning and Dala as part of the quota. Then the Aquatic Rhino chooses to eat Ji Ning and tells the member of Blue Guards to bring Ji Ning but Ning kills the Blue Guard member. Then afterwards Ning slaughters all 100 of the Blue Guards and frees the other people that were brought in to eat. Aquatic Rhino becomes furious and decides to kill Ning. They go into a fight and he ends up getting killed by Ji Ning. Also right before his death he shouts for the Azure Skysnake's help which leads to a fight later on between Azure Skysnake (Qingqing) and Ji Ning